Compliance Management


Measure Your IT Security Posture, Prioritise IT Risk
and Demonstrate Compliance against the ISO 27000 series standards and the ISM and PSPF.

To defend their systems and information, organisations leverage numerous endpoint controls, vulnerability assessments and compliance processes, but lack the resources to create, track and benchmark their IT security posture, which is vital to maintaining a protected network and a productive IT staff and workforce.


Compliance and IT Risk Management Business Drivers and Challenges

Facing rising threats, evolving regulatory measures, greater budget pressure and more complexity in the IT environment, security professionals and business executives must have enterprise-wide visibility of the environment and ensure continuous measurement of their organisation’s security posture to understand where their greatest sources of IT risk reside.
Consolidating IT risk information from numerous sources and providing a centralised dashboard view that can be used to communicate key IT risk and security metrics in business terms is of great significance to achieve executive buy-in to improve security policies. The failure to understand, communicate and prioritise the business impact of IT risk across the organisation can lead to business disruption, loss of sensitive
information and non-compliance with both internal policies and external regulations, including PCI DSS, ISM, PSPF and others.

Identify, Prioritize, Align IT Risk to Business Impact

Lumension Compliance and IT Risk Management continuously identifies, prioritises and measures IT risk across the organization— all within one dashboard, allowing you to:

  • Simultaneously measure and report on compliance with multiple regulations and internal security policies
  • Identify, prioritize and align IT risk to business impact
  • Ensure enterprise-wide visibility of IT risk by consolidating measurements from Lumension or third party security control products, scanners and more
  • Discuss security and IT risk with senior business leaders in a straight-forward manner
  • Reduce the cost of demonstrating compliance with multiple regulations

What the users are saying

Lumension Compliance and IT Risk Management first aligns business interests, such as revenue centers, key business processes and critical information with IT resources such as servers, applications, facilities and personnel. “Lumension Compliance and IT Risk Management has been an excellent investment for our IT security program. It has allowed us to maximise our IT security resources by prioritising our efforts on areas that matter most to the business, and it allows us to manage what needs to be done and how to accomplish those tasks.”