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Application Security Protection

Application Security Protection

Your development teams are great at innovation and delivering new features on time but they aren't security experts. Fortunately, there is PSARN and Fortify on Demand— the fast, easy way to find, fix and fortify your project against security risks.

Do you trust your software?

Fifty precent of the breaches that cause material damage are application breaches. Fortify on Demand helps you detect, prioritize and remediate application security vulnerabilities.

Do your trust your vendor's software?

Assess the risk of your third-party and vendor-supplied software by using Fortify on Demand as a security gate. Fortify on Demand makes it easy to get started—no hardware, software or expertise required

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Compliance Management Breakfast

Special event: Compliance Management

Meeting your Security Compliance Obligations

Lumension Risk Manager provides Comprehensive, Real-time Trending Views across the Organisation to Display Continuous Measurement of Your Security Posture. As well as the UCF content Lumension Risk Manager also contains the ISM and PSPF content. 

Our first Canberra based LRM implementation will be complete by 15th October 2013 and we looking to briefing you on the capability implemented.

We will explain how the Lumension Risk Manager can help you identify, assess, remediate and manage your compliance to the ISM and PSPF:

  • Always be ready for your next audit
  • Simultaneously  measure and report on compliance with multiple regulations and internal security policies
  • Simultaneously  measure and report on compliance with multiple regulations and internal   security policies
  • Identify, prioritize and align IT risk to business impact
  • Discuss security and IT risk with senior business leaders in a straight-forward  manner 

Register for this complimentary breakfast today to learn how you can make your ISM and PSPF compliance visibility and reporting easier than ever.

Phone: 02 6162 1342


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