mySFIA - Skills for the Information Age

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) provides a common reference model for the identification of the skills needed to develop effective Information Systems (IS) making use of Information Communications Technologies (ICT). 


mySFIA is a standardised framework enabling government agencies, commercial organisations and regulatory bodies to define, assess and certify IT skills competencies for individuals.


SFIA Training Provider 

SFIA Training Provider 

As a training provider PSARN delivers "Introduction to SFIA" training courses, through their accredited SFIA consultants.

SFIA Accredited Consultant

SFIA Accredited Consultant

PSARN is a recognised training partner of the SFIA Foundation the organisation delivering the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA).




  • Achieve cost efficiencies - match relevant skills with project requirements
  • Career planning - provides guidance on career planning, by identifying career paths in the ICT industry
  • Automatic resume creation - users can produce a standard resume by using the competency assessments and other information provided by the user on the website
  • Organisational competency management - provides organisations with an assessment tool to manage the competency profiles of their staff and allocate those staff based on suitability for a role
  • Self-assessnebt - provides ICT practitioners with a perspective on their current skills and future growth opportunities through a range of basic to advanced self-assessments against competencies in SFIA
  • Accredited assessment - provides an accreditation certificate for successful candidates that can be used when applying for jobs or to meet internal organisational performance reviews
  • Forward planning and gap analysis using my SFIA
  • Integration with scheduling tools like Microsoft Project and manage their project skills
  • Recruit and plan for the skill gaps - assess and remedy any in-house shortfalls in terms of training and knowledge requirements
  • Match skills to jobs - enables staff to find jobs with their skills and an organisation to match roles to skill

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What the customers are saying: 

mySFIA brings industry leadership and an understanding of the market and its opportunities
mySFIA provides a consistent approach and language for ICT skill management
mySFIA integrates with an organisation’s way of working, to improve capability and resources planning, resource deployment and performance management


  • Powered by the award winning Titan framework by PSARN International Pty Ltd.
  • Runs completely in the browser - no client installation required
  • Legacy systems integration
  • Provides the ability to tailor work flow to meet the user need to support recruitment
  • Extensive reporting tools including dynamic charting