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What can mySFIA do for me?

There is a need clearly to define, recruit and grow the skilled resources. SFIA provides a language that is the foundation for consistent, unambiguous and clear definitions of IT based skills. SFIA provides  a common language that integrates with an organisation's way of working, to improve capability and resource planning, resource deployment and performance management.

mySFIA is the browser based application that implements the SFIA framework and alows Orgaisation, Recruitment companies, Education institutions and ICT professionals to understand their skills.

See what skills you have with the mySFIA App available from PSARN at the conference.

When:           Wednesday, 30 October 2013
Where:          Old Parliament House, King George Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600


PSARN mySFIA August 2013 Release

Today, PSARN International released an update to its mySFIA product range.

New features include: 

  • Users can now see expanded views of all their self assessed skills.
  • Added support for IE8 users.
  • Users now have the ability to track course related skills (i.e. which courses deliver what skills).
  • Our Commercial users now have the ability to identify Jobs requiring assessment.

For more information contact PSARN on 1300 482 400.


PSARN wins Innovation Award

PSARN International wins prestigious Australian Computer Society Innovation Award for Titan and Engine Frameworks.

On the evening of the 16th of September 2010, PSARN International Pty Ltd, won the prestigious Australian Computer society 2010 Award for Innovation and our ICT Manager Mr Joel Nation was runner up in the 2010 ACT Pearcey Award.

The Peracey award is an award aimed at encouraging and rewarding fresh and innovative talent in the ICT profession, to those who have demonstrated innovative and pioneeting achievements and contribution to technological development.

We would like to express our gratitude to our families, staff, partners, clients and friends, which have supported us in all our undertakings, and those we work with every day to make our operation successful. We are very pleased to have received this award. Thank you for your trust in us and contributing to our business with the products and services of our company.


PSARN Security wins Online Award

PSARN Security wins the ACS Online Award 2011 for their Managed Vulnerability Assessment Service (MVAS).

This award recognises excellence in the use of ICT to provide information and services delivery to clients in both the public and private sectors. The emphasis is on the customer interface, ease of use, user acceptance, and innovation, rather than on the implementation process.

The Online Award was accepted at the ACS ICT Awards Dinner, 15 September 2011 on behalf of PSARN Security by James Mouat; joined by his colleagues Joel Nation and Dean Heffernan.

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PSARN wins iAward 2012

PSARN International Pty Ltd wins the iAward 2012 industrial application for their Fire Asset Information management System (FAMIS).

This award recognises excellence in the use of ICT in the industrial application field. The Fire Asset Management Information System, (FAMIS) was built by PSARN International Pty Ltd for the SMI Group. FAMIS provides both an online and offline support capability for technicians in the field who are assessing equipment needs and providing maintenance to clients of their existing assets in the fire equipment and building industry. SMI Group was in need of a smooth process from a service requests to their company right to the invoicing. They were also in need of a system that enforced regulatory compliance requirements to provide a high-quality service.

The award was presented to Peter Lucey at iAwards Luncheon by Andrew Barr member of the ACT Legislative Assembly on 19 July 2012.

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