PAMS Workforce

PSARN's PAMS Workforce brings best of breed Asset Management tools to a new level.  Back Office staff can process Work Orders and assign Jobs to Field Staff.

Field Staff receive new Jobs and updates instantly.  Job updates and alerts can be synchronised back to the Central DB in seconds.

PAMS Workforce Family of Business Applications

For Business Managers

  • Manage your Customers and their Properties
  • Keep track of your Customer's Managed Items
  • Track your Inventory and Parts
  • Process Work Orders and monitor Jobs progress
  • Send Jobs and tasks to remote Users
  • Process Invoices 

For Asset Managers

  • Managed your Installed Assets
  • Track Asset Maintenance & Movement History - for life!
  • Effortlessly schedule Maintenance Activities
  • Instantly view Defects and assign tasks to correct them
  • Track your Items using barcodes and RFID tags
  • Easily assign Costs to Maintenance Activities

For Contractors and Field Staff

  • Manage Customers and Work Orders
  • Assign Jobs to your staff
  • Manage your Jobs and take them with you offline
  • Take photos of defects and installations
  • Capture signatures in the field
  • View maintenance manuals and safety information on your iPad
  • Synchronise your updates with the Back Office over 3G or WiFi

For Budget Managers

Manage your complete budget process

  • Plan Budgets & Reporting Periods
  • Approve Budgets & Lock in
  • Commit Expenditure
  • Review Budget Performance
  • Produce reports at any level of your organisation
  • View Budget across functional areas, group by asset class

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Common Features

  • Deployed as Web, Mobile and Desktop versions
  • Take it anywhere - Mobile solution works Offline and Online
  • Export Reports as PDF or Excel
  • Role based Security
  • Rich interface lets you take and view photographs and PDFs.