PSARN International Pty Ltd an Accredited Training Provider of the SFIA Foundation

Canberra, AU, 13 September 2013. For agencies to ensure their management and employees understand the benefits and availability of training in SFIA. PSARN is now a recognised training partner of the SFIA Foundation the organisation delivering the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA).

SFIA was established as a system for use by IT Professionals to match the Skills of the workforce to the requirements of the business. SFIA is a logical two-dimensional skills framework defined by areas of work on one axis and levels of responsibility on the other. It has been proven as an effective resource that benefits business by facilitating all aspects of the management of capability in corporate and educational environments. SFIA is a common framework which allows an international understanding of what an ICT role actually involves and identifies the skills required. SFIA has been adopted by many professional societies and organisations within Australia and around the world.

As an accredited training partner PSARN can deliver the “Introduction to SFIA” training through their authorised trainers. This partnership with the SFIA foundation provides a capability that enables organisations to fully understand SFIA.  As a Training Provider PSARN works to the SFIA code of practice which includes ensuring that courses are only delivered by SFIA Accredited Consultants. That means that they have active experience in skills management, not just a familiarity with the SFIA framework.

PSARN is known for its innovation and is a leader in the ICT Skills Management and services market. PSARN, develops, integrates and markets software solutions including our award winning capability mySFIA that help businesses manage their vital assets.

PSARN is known for providing world-class customer support, training and services. For more information, go to