Source Code Analysis

PSARN Source Code Analysis Services (PSCAS) allows any organisation to test the security of software quickly, accurately, affordably, and without any software to install or manage. This service helps organisations with two key challenges:

•        Ensuring the security of applications

•        Increasing the speed and efficiency of building security into a development lifecycle

PSCAS serves the role of an independent third-party system of record, conducting a consistent, unbiased analysis of an application and providing a detailed report back to the security team. Users simply upload their application binaries and/or provide a URL for testing. PSCAS can conduct a static and/or dynamic test, verify all results, and present correlated findings in a detailed interface and report. PSCAS leverages the market-leading static analysis technology, software, and the award-winning dynamic analysis technology, software. Organisations can view security vulnerabilities in one single dashboard, without installing software on premises. PSCAS is a highly secure environment with robust security controls to enable sensitive uploads and other intellectual property to remain uncompromised.