Vulnerability Assessment with Web Audit

Extend your security confidence beyond just your network and perform regular audits on your web server, pages and web applications. 

Our Web Site Security Audit quickly and easily provides you with a report detailing common security vulnerabilities such as:

  • SQL/Code Injection (PHP/ASP/etc..) & Command Execution
  • Arbitrary file access (download/upload) & Directory Traversal
  • Remote file listing, inclusion & Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Source disclosure, Debug Code & Denial of Service attacks
  • Known Application vulnerabilities (from vendors & other sources)
  • And many more...

Identifying security vulnerabilities in your web site before it can be compromised protects you and your clients.

Regulated auditing during web site development provides an early identification and mitigation step to your testing phase. Regular follow-up testing secures your confidence against cyber threats as new exploits are developed and your web site evolves.